What is DEDREDI?

To put it simply, DEDREDI is a phonetic spelling of the phrase “Dead Ready”. When we say “Dead Ready”, “Get dead ready”, or “Are you ready for the Dead Box?”, what we mean is simple: Are you ready to find out what happens after you die?

FACT: 10 out of 10 people who are currently alive will die at some point in their lives.

Knowing that everybody eventually dies, “Are you ready?” seems like a fair question. I have no intention of starting some sort of obsession or phobia, I’m just trying to peak your curiosity. By this point you’ve probably put two and two together, and you know where I’m headed with all of this, so let me just get to the point.

FACT: When it comes to God, the truth of the bible, and the reality of God according to the bible, you’re either going to be right or wrong.

There’s no gray area when it comes to picking sides. You can sit on the fence for your whole life but your lack of ability to make a decision unfortunately equates to a definitive choice. When it all comes to an end, and you take your last breath, you’ll find out whether your choice was right or wrong.

So my point with all of this DEDREDI stuff is to provoke you to a decision. Are you going to choose to be “Dead Ready”, or….not. If you’re on the fence, check out our video series Join the Team.

Are you ready for the Dead Box?

10 out of 10 people have to head to the dead box eventually, join the team to find out what you can do to be prepared!